Waste Devil



Waste Devil is a new, patented, safe, concentrate powder consisting of selective enzymes and bacteria that is waste digester and cleaner. Waste Devil is an ideal drain cleaner because it is safe to humans and the environment and works great. Waste Devil is a non-flammable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly cleaner that will effectively digest waste and save you money.

Waste Devil is a unique blend of enzymes that virtually digests waste. It will clean and clear clogged sink traps, waste drainage systems and fixtures, urinals, grease traps, disposals, septic tanks, floor drains, and any other plumbing drain lines.

Waste Devil will not cause any harm or damage to appliances, plumbing lines or systems. Overdosing is not harmful, dangerous nor will it create dangerous fumes or odor. Keep Waste Devil in its powdered form until preparing a solution for use. Waste Devil will not clean vegetation or mineral clogs.

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