GRANULE-SORB is an all-purpose absorbent that will absorb any hydrocarbon, petrochemical, or hazardous material except hydrofluoric acid.  The product is hydrophilic and will not break down in water or aqueous solvents or lubricants.  It easily takes care of your worst maintenance problems!

GRANULE-SORB will absorb: motor oil + battery acid + transmission fluid + hydraulic fluid + brake fluid + gasoline + diesel fuel + aircraft de-icer fluid + antifreeze.

 GRANULE-SORB can be used around the home and the garage.



GRANULE-SORB is a unique absorbent that absorbs animal fats, oils and greases in addition to urine, feces, blood, and vomit.  This produce is ideal for use in hospitals, schools, clinics, hospices, home health applications, nursing homes, retirement homes, restaurants, and taverns.  A similar kit can also be used in airline cabins.

Simply apply the granules over the contaminated area and in most cases and in less than 2 minutes the spill has been absorbed and the odor has been eliminated.  You simply sweep up or vacuum dry sand like substance where there had previously been a messy spill.



GRANULE-SORB has been researched, developed and tested by the following institutions: Argonne National Laboratories + Hanford National Laboratory + Illinois Institute of Technology + Northwestern University + University of Illinois.

GRANULE-SORB has also passed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Toxicity Characteristic Leachate Procedure (TCLP) after absorbing hydrocarbons.



GRANULE-SORB is currently being used very successfully by the following companies: American Airlines + Continental Airlines + United Airlines + Barco Products + Central Management Services State of Illinois + Gary Public Transportation Corporation + Waste Management + Pace + Chicago Fire Department Hazardous Incident Team (HIT).



GRANULE-SORB is over 8 times as effective as the typical crushed clay products.  You only use a fraction of the granules to do the same cleanup resulting in a large savings per use.  Many competitive products are flammable or combustible and will not pass the US EPA TCLP test for regular waste disposal.  For many users, the major savings is in the cost of disposal: with granule-sorb the disposal cost is reduced by 88%.  When used properly, most HAZMAT waste is no longer hazardous thereby substantially reducing waste disposal costs.


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