Dieselplex Fuel Saving Device



Dieselplex is a fuel-saving device designed for diesel engines of all kinds, from trucks to off-highway equipment and diesel generators.DieselplexRuler











Current users have experienced substantial fuel savings. Below are three examples of typical mileage improvements:

1) A 3-trailer truck in Michigan hauls cucumbers in the morning and returns with wheat in the evening.

Morning: 150,000 pounds of cucumbers. Previous mileage: 4.5 mpg. With Dieselplex: 5.3 mpg. 15.1% improvement
Evening: 70,000 pounds of wheat. Previous mileage: 5.5 mpg. With Dieselplex: 7 pmg. 21.5% improvement.

2) A truck in Ohio a very old engine has been averaging between 13% – 15% improvement in mpg over a 2-week period.

3) A truck with an old Cummins N-14 engine traveled several thousand miles of the past several weeks on highways between Cleveland, Buffalo and Boston. Prior to using the Dieselplex, the truck was averaging about 6 miles per gallon. With the Dieselplex, the truck averaged 7.1 mpg, a 15.5% increase. This truck has been burning about $150,000 in diesel fuel per year. The anticipated saving on this one truck alone will be $23,000 annually.
4) A truck hauling apples, before installing Dieselplex, averaged 6 miles per gallon. After installing Dieselplex, the average was 7.1 mles per gallon, a 15.4% improvement.
5) A long-haul truck with a newer CAT engine, before Dieselplex, averaged 6.2 miles per gallon. After using Dieselplex for several weeks, the average increased to 8.0 miles per gallon, a 22.5% improvement.


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