Clearpurge liquid purging compound for plastics processing systems is a unique, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-corrosive purging product that gives results superior to any other purging method.

In today’s fiercely competitive environment, shorter runs and more frequent changeovers are more the rule. Therefore, there is an ever growing need for processors to control costs and increase efficiency. Clearpurge meets this need to be “better, faster, and cheaper”. Clearpurge can save up to 90% of a processor’s purging and maintenance costs!

We understand that plastic processors, in their efforts to be more competitive, can no longer continue to tolerate the large amounts of scrap and the numerous wasted non-productive hours that are consumed when employing traditional purging products and methods. Clearpurge can give you a competitive advantage that can translate into increased production productivity, higher and more consistent quality, lower costs, and greater sales.

Clearpurge is the only purging product that gives you the unique combination of physical and chemical action. Clearpurge enhances purging efficiency and provides more thorough cleaning while considerably reducing scrap, time, and labor, including extending the frequency that equipment must be disassembled and hand cleaned.

Clearpurge contains special chemical properties that act as a penetrating and soaking agent that break apart the molecular structure of the polymer and then quickly and completely separate the unwanted carbon deposits from metal surfaces and allow the carrier resin to remove all of the unwanted material out of the machine.

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