Bi-Organic Hand Cleaner






Bi-Organic Hand Cleaner is a premium super strength hand cleaner that is entirely made of natural and organic ingredients that are totally biodegradable. The 100% biodegradable cleaning agents, gentle cellulose scrubbers and natural oil digesters dislodge and encapsulate microscopic dirt and grease particles. These stay suspended in water, rinse off easily and go right down the drain without clinging in the sink. Bi-Organic Hand Cleaner keeps working to dissolve and emulsify grease and grime after you have rinsed them down the drain, and grease will not collect in your drainpipes. Bi-Organic Hand Cleaner reduces grease particles to microscopic size, making them biodegrade more quickly, and it does not affect the bacteria or enzyme action of septic tank systems and will not reduce the oxygen level in water or otherwise affect fish and other aquatic lifeforms. Bi-Organic Hand Cleaner does not contain chemicals or substances that are harsh on you, your shop, or home plumbing system, or the environment.

Bi-Organic Hand Cleaner is gentle enough for repeated daily use; does not irritate, cut or dry hands; restores the skin’s natural lubricants; contains natural lemon essence and scent; helps to heal cuts and sores; rinses away all kinds of stubborn grease, grime and stains, and costs less, only pennies per wash.

Bi-Organic Hand Cleaner cleans up on the job or at home and effectively removes mechanics grease, oil and grime; soot, shoe polish, pin tar; fresh paint, primers, wood stains, printing ink; eliminates food odors such as fish and garlic; is great for dirt and a wide variety of other soils. Bi-Organic Hand Cleaner is designed to remove stubborn grease and grime and wash your hands clean while it conditions your skin.

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