XomiteClipIn general, the worldwide insulation and coatings market which covers non-automotive segments such as construction, appliances, machinery and home furnishings is relatively healthy, reflecting an improving economy, manufacturing growth and rising productivity.

 However, despite the robust economy, there are major challenges faced by industrial insulation and coatings suppliers in today’s market that include global competition, the high cost of energy, strong increases in raw material costs and increasingly strict environmental regulations.

Austin Davis Industries, Inc. has developed a range of proprietary mineral-based materials that successfully addresses these challenges.  Xomite energy efficient materials can be applied to a wide range of demanding insulation and coatings applications that will outperform current products such as fiberglass and cement.  Xomite materials are great insulators, are fireproof, environmentally friendly and very cost effective.

Below is a partial list of the Xomite features and benefits:

  • Long life – similar material was used over 2,200 years ago as mortar for The Great Wall of China.
  • Redirects heat, like tiles on aerospace re-entry vehicles
  • Is very strong – high impact strength – sharp impacts do not cause chipping or cracking – 3 times stronger than cement.
  • Lightweight – floats on water – 1/3 the weight of cement.
  • Does not crack or split from freezing and thawing water.
  • Does not absorb moisture – boiled continuously in water for 2 weeks with zero moisture absorption.
  • Anti-fungal, non-toxic, non-porous, safe for humans and the environment, VOC free.
  • Fireproof – UL tested – meets UL UBC26-4.
  • Can be nailed, screwed, drilled, sawed with conventional carbide tools.
  • Excellent insulator – successfully tested at 500 degrees F for high temperature steam pipe application, and R35 value applied to wall and roof panels.
  • Cost effective.

Xomite material can be poured into molds, painted or sprayed onto most hard surfaces.  Any color or decoration can be added and the material can be made to look like bricks, marble, stones, wood and many other products.  Xomite is non-fired and will cure to room temperature.

Some of the applications we are currently producing are:

  • Surface coating for aerospace vehicles.
  • Fireproof roofing tiles.
  • Underground high temperature steam pipe insulation.
  • “Cool” roof coatings.
  • Wall and roof panels for both commercial and residential buildings.
  • Roof coatings for school busses and truck trailers.
  • Electrical insulation.
  • Kiln and pyrolysis chamber linings.
  • Military vehicle armoring and blast mitigation walls for embassies.
  • Residential and commercial safe rooms.
  • Fire protection in commercial infrastructures.

As efforts by manufacturing companies to reduce solvent borne VOC emissions from their plants continues to be a major trend driving the market forward, other industrial coatings market trends reflect consumer demands for more color choices, lower curing temperatures, shorter dry times, increased corrosion and moisture resistance, and resistance to marring, and improved durability of coated surfaces.  Xomite is the material that can meet all of these demands.

Particularly in North America, one of the leading trends in the construction industry, including commercial, institutional and residential sectors, is the use of energy-saving and environmentally friendly designs and building materials.  We have responded to this trend with Xomite “green” materials that reflect heat-generating sunlight more efficiently and include more energy-efficient application processes.  Xomite can also improve the weatherability in exterior applications such as metal roofs and walls, building trim, garage and entry doors among other applications.

One of the increasing trends offering energy efficient solutions to the construction industry has been the development of “cool roof” technology.  While many building roofs are coated with hot tar or black rolled asphalt because of their sturdy nature, these materials do nothing to cool down temperatures during hot summer months.  Xomite cool roof technology, in contrast, coats the roof with a reflective material that can lower the temperature of a building’s roof by up to 50 degrees, producing lower interior temperatures and reducing cooling costs up to 50% or more.  Xomite’s cool roof coatings are typically white liquids – the consistency of very thick paint – applied over an existing roof structure.  They can be applied over a traditional roof to achieve energy savings, and extended life span and protection from weathering and ultraviolet radiation.  The new surface can last up to 50 years or more, depending on coating thickness applied.  Conventional roof coatings typically last less than 10 years.

Not only does Xomite material reduce energy costs, it also benefits the environment.  Reduced energy demand means less burning of fossil fuels, which create the air pollution associated with smog, acid rain, and global climate change.  By reducing the amount of energy needed to cool buildings, cool roofs help reduce these air pollutants.

Although cool roof technology has been available in a wide range of colors, including medium and dark tones, not any of today’s suppliers are able to meet cool standards with dark colors.  As a result, architects and building owners who want to specify a truly energy-efficient, black or dark-colored roof are limited in their choices.  Xomite can produce a cool roof coating in black and exceed cool roof standards.

Xomite is an advanced fireproofing material that delivers fire protection and anti-corrosion benefits required to keep America’s high-rise buildings and public structures safer.  The tragic effects of terrorism have forced the new-construction industry to re-evaluate traditional methods of fire protection in commercial infrastructures that includes everything from building codes, to structural design issues and the less durable fireproofing materials currently specified for commercial steel structures.  Also, industries such as offshore oilrigs need to protect steel from volatile hydrocarbon-induced fires, explosions and jet fires that can reach temperatures of more than 2,000 degrees F.  Xomite material can greatly save the human and economic costs by its fireproofing system that can address any fire emergency event.  Current coatings only provide 30 minutes to 2-3 hours of fire protection from steel infrastructures from collapsing prematurely.  Xomite coatings will provide significantly more time to evacuate safely.


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