Personal Care Products



Eden'sBountyTMOur own Eden’s Bounty™ brand products are specially formulated with natural ingredients. Green links indicate that the product is a member of the Eden’s Bounty and Nature’s Own family of high quality natural products.


  • Citrus-Clean waterless citrus hand cleaner with pumice grit
  • Coco-Silk coconut hand, bath, shower soap
  • Dental-San non-alcohol mouth wash
    • Clove flavor
    • Mint flavor
    • Children’s: bubble gum flavor
  • Hand Lotion Bar with green clover and aloe
  • Handy-San hand sanitizing wipes, antiseptic towels
  • Nature-Soft hand lotion with softening oils, lanolin
  • Nature’s Own instant hand sanitizer, cleaner, conditioner
  • Soft-San liquid medicated hand soap
  • Super-Porta-San portable toilet set, surface sanitizer
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