Garden Wash MSDS



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Section 1 – Product Identification

Date: February 25, 2013
Product Name: Garden WashTM
Cleaner and sanitizer for food contact surfaces and fruit and vegetable wash powder concentrate. Citric acid: CAS#: 77-92-9, Disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate: CAS#: 7758-16-9
Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate: CAS#: 25155-30-0.

Section 2 – Hazardous Ingredients/Identity Information

Hazardous Component CAS Number % OSHA PEL ACGIH TLV
No ingredients identified by OSHA as hazardous are known to be present or the ingredients present are below levels specified as hazardous by OSHA (29 CFR 1910.1200).

Section 3 – Physical/Chemical Characteristics

Boiling Point:
Vapor pressure (mm of Hg): Vapor Density (air = 1): Solubility in water: Evaporation rate: Appearance and odor: Density:

Not Applicable (N/A) N/A
Soluble (5%) at 25 deg. C N/A

Odorless white powder
0.58 cc/g loose; 0.72 cc/g packed 2.4 of 1% solution

Section 4 – Fire and Explosion Hazard Data

Flash point:
Flammable limits: Extinguishing media:
Special fire fighting procedures:

Unusual fire and explosion hazards:

Conditions to avoid: Incompatibility (materials to avoid): Hazardous decomposition products: Hazardous polymerization:

Firefighters should wear NIOSH approved self-contained positive pressure breathing apparatus.

None known

Section 5 – Reactivity Data

Protect from moisture. Store in cool dry place. Strong oxidizing agents and hypoclorite.
Will not occur
Will not occur


Garden Wash – Page 2.

Section 6 – Health Hazard Data

Acute Toxicity and Emergency First Aid Procedures:

Oral toxicity and ingestion:

Inhalation toxicity: Skin irritation:

Ingestion of concentrated powder can cause irritation of digestive tract. If accidentally swallowed drink at least two glasses of milk, egg white, gelatin solution or water and consult a physician for further treatment advice.

Inhalation of dust can cause coughing and irritation of the respiratory tract. Avoid breathing dust. Move to fresh air. Concentrated powder is acidic and corrosive to eyes and can cause eye irritation and sever eye damage. Avoid contact with eyes. If accidentally gets in eye, hold eye open and immediately rinse slowly and gently with water for 15-20 minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present, after the first five minutes, then continue rinsing. If irritation persists, consult a physician for further treatment advice.

Medical Conditions Aggravated By Exposure:
Chronic effects and medical conditions aggravated by overexposure to this product have not been established.

Section 7 – Precautions for Safe Handling, Storage, and Use

Precautionary Measures:

Spill/Leak clean-up procedures:

Waste disposal method:

Respiratory protection: Ventilation:
Protective gloves:
Eye protection:

Store in a cool dry place. Keep bulk container closed to protect from moisture. Avoid airborne dust formation during dispensing. Wear safety goggles and NIOSH/MSDA approved respiratory protection equipment for protection against airborne exposure. Do not get into eyes. Do not ingest. Use normal housekeeping procedures.
Sweep up and place bulk material in container and remove to a landfill. Flush small spills to sewer with plenty of water. Flush spill area with water. Be sure to dry thoroughly as area might be slippery.
Dispose of in a landfill in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations.

Section 8 – Control Measures

Use NIOSH/MSHA approved respiratory protection. Sufficient to control dust.
Impervious work gloves recommended.
Safety goggles. Other protective equipment: eye wash station should be near work area.

The information contained herein is based upon data provided to us by our suppliers, and reflects our best judgment. However, Austin Davis Industries, Inc. makes no warranty of merchantability, fitness for use, or any other warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of such data, or the results to be obtained thereof. Since the information contained herein may be applied under conditions beyond our control and with which we may be unfamiliar, we do not assume any responsibility for the results of such application. This information is furnished upon the condition that the persons receiving it shall make their own determination of the suitability of the material for any particular purpose

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