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Eden’s Bounty Garden Wash product is a safe liquid made from all natural ingredients that safely removes pesticides, sulfates, herbicides, fungicides and waxes from fruits and vegetables. Just wet and rinse. There is no residue, no aftertaste, and no smell. The active ingredients are: Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (both derived from natural plant sources). All ingredients are food grade and recognized as safe with no preservatives, no animal products, no residues, and non-toxic.

The Garden Wash offers the user the healthy benefits and tasteful flavor of cleaner and safer produce. The clear, pure formula cleans up to 20 times more effectively than water alone! It safely removes up to 99.4% of pesticides and other surface contaminants (Parathion, Methyl Parathion, Ronnel, Ethion, Melathion, Silvex, Dowicide I, Parafin, Sodium Sulphites). The product has been tested by a U.S.A. Certified Environmental Laboratory. You will appreciate how easy it is to use and there is no odor or aftertaste. The natural flavors of produce really come through!

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