Energy Efficient Panel Systems


PanelWhiteBldgEnergy Efficient Panel systems (EEPS) products are formulated to exceed today’s green building specifications.  EEPS products are high quality insulated panels with flexible design qualities.

Fire Safety.  UL Testing results state that the EEPS products do not burn and have zero out gassing or fire spread.  EEPS products use Xomite coatings to redirect heat and infrared rays, maintaining excellent heat diversion from outside walls and protecting adjacent areas from fire.  Panels damaged in any way can be easily repaired or replaced and structures can be quickly brought back into service.

Good Life Cycle Economy.  Given it’s excellent benefit cost ratio, EEPS products can be considered one of the most economical construction products.  The cost savings is typically 15%-25% or more vs. conventional construction materials.

PanelCraneFlexibility in Building Spaces.  Long spans of EEPS panels permit flexibility in design and facilitate subsequent changes in the use of the building during its life cycle.

Thermal Comfort.  The thermal efficiencies of the EEPS panels for walls and roof elements provide excellent “R” value, as high as R35.  This has a regulating effect on the interior climate of a building, thus improving the feeling of comfort for its occupants.  The panels have been described as a “cold storage panel” and are able to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature on the hottest days.

Other features and benefits of EEPS products are below:

    • Energy use is significantly reduced.
    • Lightweight.
    • Allows normal clear spanning.
    • Capable of shipping up to 20 panels per truckload.
    • Reduced need for heavy lifting equipment.
    • Flexibility of surface modifications.
    • Exceptional fire protection.
    • Healthful environment.
    • Easy to estimate construction and operating costs.
    • Can be used to construct manufacturing plants, warehouses, offices, gymnasiums, sports training facilities, residential housing.
    • Architecturally pleasing.

Faster erection time with less labor (3 weeks vs. 3 months with cement)

  • Use less steel to construct building.
  • Can coat with elastomeric paint for additional sealing.
  • Can cut to shape on site (put up complete panel then saw cut door and window openings).
  • Typical panels are 8 feet wide by 24 feet high.
  • Environmentally friendly and less construction debris.
  • Meets or exceeds all LEED requirements.
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