Clearpurge MSDS




Section 1 – Identification


Supplier: Austin Davis Industries, Inc.          Date:  December 1, 2012      Tel: (847) 918-7412

Product Identification:  CLEARPURGE Liquid Purging Compound

Product Description:  Citrus and Surfactant Blend

HMIS/NFPA:  Health:  0  Fire:  0  Reactivity:  0  PPI:  B


Section 2 – Hazardous Ingredients/Identity Information


Chemical Names                        %WW            PIN, CAS#                        LD50/LC50            Route/Species

Isopan                                          40-50            999999-41-9                     15.4G/KG              LD50/34.6G/KG

Surfactant                                       3-13            68603-42-9                        NA                         LD50 2700MG/KG

Oleic Acid                                          3-9            112-80-1                              NA                         LD50 230MG/KG

D-Limonene                                    1-10            5989-27-5                          NA                                    NA


Section 3 – Physical Characteristics


Appearance and Odor:  Light colored emulsion; faint citrus odor.

Specific Gravity:  1.33 g/cc.

Vapor Pressure:  >7.00 mmHg.

Odor Threshold:  None known.

Freezing Point:  Prolonged exposure to extreme cold or below freezing temperatures may alter the physical

characteristics and diminish effectiveness.

Solubility in Water:  Insoluble.

pH:  8.0 – 9.0

Vapor Density (air=1):  NA

Boiling Point:  160-204 deg C.

Percent Volatile:  15-40.

Evaporation Rate (water=1):  NA


Section 4 – Fire and Explosion Hazard Data


WHMIS Classification:  0.

Flammable:  No.  Not known to be explosive.

Auto Ignition Temperature, Degrees C:  NA

Flash Point:  NA

Extinguishing Media:  Water, dry chemical, carbon dioxide, foam.

Special Fire fighting Procedures:  Keep personnel up wind of fire.  Wear self-contained breathing

apparatus.  Use equipment or shielding as required.  Cool area with water spray.

Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards:  At elevated temperatures containers exposed to direct flame or

            heat contact should be cooled with water spray to prevent weakening of container structures.


Section 5 – Reactivity Data


Stability:  Stable.

Conditions to Avoid:  None known.

Incompatibility (Materials to Avoid):  Avoid strong oxidizers.

Hazardous Decomposition or By-Products:  Smoke, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide.

Reactivity:  Not known to be dangerously reactive.


Section 6 – Health Hazard Data


Routes of Entry:  Inhalation:  X  Eyes:  X  Skin:  X  Ingestion:  X

Health Hazards (Acute and Chronic):  None known.

Signs and Symptoms of Exposure:  Eyes: Possible irritation.  Skin: Possible irritation.

Inhalation: Possible irritation.  Ingestion: Possible irritation.

Medical Conditions Generally Aggravated by Exposure:  Pre-existing skin or eye disorders may be

Aggravated by exposure.

Emergency and First Aid Procedures:  Eye contact: Flush eyes with plenty of water for 15 minutes while

holding eyelids open.  Skin contact:  Flush skin with water, follow by washing with soap and

            water.  Inhalation: Breathe fresh air.  Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting.  Get medical attention.


Section 7 – Precautions for Safe Handling and Use


Releases or Spilled:  Remove all sources of ignition and ventilate area.  Soak up spill with an inert

Absorbent and place into a designated disposal container.  Is landfill and ground water safe.

Waste Disposal Method:  After use, dispose of container in accordance with local regulations.  This product is totally safe and can be disposed of in a manner similar to soap and is biodegradable.

Handling and Storing:  Keep away from heat and flame.  Use adequate ventilation.  Do not freeze.

Transportation:  Do not freeze.  No special shipping or packaging required.  Considered non-hazardous.


Section 8 – Control Measures


Respiratory Protection:  None required if good ventilation is maintained.

Ventilation:  Local exhaust is adequate under normal conditions, mechanical exhaust is optional.

Protective Gloves:  Wear impermeable gloves to prevent prolonged contact.

Eye Protection:  Wear safety glasses/protective goggles to prevent eye contact.


The information contained herein is based upon data provided to us by our suppliers, and reflects our best judgment.  However, Austin Davis Industries, Inc. makes no warranty of merchantability, fitness for use, or any other warranty is expressed or implied regarding the accuracy of such data, or the results to be obtained from the use thereof.  Since the information contained herein may be applied under conditions beyond our control and with which we may be unfamiliar, we do not assume any responsibility for the results of such application.  This information is furnished upon the condition that the persons receiving it shall make their own determination of the suitability of the material for any particular purpose.

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