Bio-Blue 252 MSDS



Bio-Blue 252TM

Liquid Cleaner/Absorbent/Degreaser

Section 1 – Identification

Supplier: Austin Davis Industries, Inc. Date: February 25, 2012 P.O Box 6448, Libertyville, IL 60048 USA
Tel: (847) 918-7412

Product Identification: Bio-Blue 252TM Liquid Cleaner/Absorbent/Degreaser HMIS/NFPA: Health: 0 Fire: 0 Reactivity: 0 PPI: B

Section 2 – Hazardous Ingredients/Identity Information

Chemical Names

Sodium Metasilicate Ethylene Glycol


1-8 000141-43-5 3-12 000112-50-5


LD50=2.050mg/Kg LD50=11.000mg/Kg


Oral Rat Oral Rat

Section 3 – Physical Characteristics

Appearance and Odor: Blue/Green Color/No Odor Specific Gravity: 1.04 g/cc.
Vapor Pressure: N/A
Odor Threshold: N/A

Freezing Point: Approximately 0 degrees C. Solubility in Water: Soluble.

pH: 11.9 +/- 0.5
Vapor Density (air=1): N/A Boiling Point: 110 degrees C. Percent Volatile: 85% Evaporation Rate (water=1): 1

Section 4 – Fire and Explosion Hazard Data

Flammable: No. Not Known to be Explosive.
Auto Ignition Temperature, Degrees C: N/A
Flash Point: N/A
Extinguishing Media: Water, dry chemical, carbon dioxide, foam. Special Fire Fighting Procedures: N/A

Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: N/A Hazardous Combustion Products: N/A Explosive Sensitivity To: N/A

Section 5 – Reactivity Data

Stability: Stable.
Conditions to Avoid: N/A
Incompatibility (Materials to Avoid): Avoid Strong Oxidizers and Acids. Metals: Zinc, Tin, Brass,

Hazardous Decomposition Products: Slight Heat Released on Contact with Acids or Oxidizing Materials Reactivity: Not Dangerously Reactive.

Section 6 – Health Hazard DataRoutes of Entry: Inhalation: Yes Eyes: Yes Skin: Yes Ingestion: Yes.
Health Hazards (Acute and Chronic): None Known.
Signs and Symptoms of Exposure: Eyes: Possible Irritation Skin: Possible Irritation Inhalation: Possible

Irritation Ingestion: Possible Irritation.
Medical Conditions Aggravated by Exposure: Prolonged Exposure may aggravate Pre-existing Skin or

Eye Disorders.
Emergency and First Aid Procedures: Eyes: Flush with Large Quantities of Water for at Least 15 Minutes

While Holding Eyelids Open. Contact a Physician. Skin: Flush with Large Quantities of Water. If Irritation Persists, Contact Physician. Inhalation: Breathe Fresh Air. Ingestion: Do Not Induce Vomiting. Drink Large Quantities of Water or Milk. Contact Physician.

Section 7 – Precautions for Safe Handling and Use

Releases or Spilled: Wear Protective Clothing. Contain the Spill. Mop or Wipe Up or Soak with Absorbent Material.

Waste Disposal Method: After Use, Dispose of Container in Accordance with Local Regulations. Handling and Storing: Store in Cool Dry Area in a Closed Container.
Transportation: Do Not Freeze. No Special Shipping or Packaging Required. Considered Non-


Section 8 – Control Measures

Respiratory Protection: None is Required if Good Ventilation is Maintained. Ventilation: Local Ventilation.
Protective Gloves: Wear Protective Gloves to Prevent Prolonged Contact.
Eye Protection: Wear Safety Glasses/Protective Goggles to Prevent Eye Contact.

This product is composed of ingredients regarded as safe in situations for which it is suggested. A knowledge of the available toxicology information and of the physical and chemical properties of the material suggests that over exposure is unlikely to cause and/or aggravate existing medical conditions.

The information presented herein is believed to be factual, as it has been derived from the opinion of persons believed to be qualified experts. However, nothing contained in this information is to be taken as a warranty or representation for which Austin Davis Industries, Inc. or its representative’s bears legal responsibility. The user should review any recommendations in the specific context of the intended use to determine whether they are appropriate.

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