Bio-Blue 252


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Bio-Blue 252 is a uniquely formulated low foaming liquid all purpose degreaser with the pleasant aroma of lemon lime.

Bio-Blue 252 is a concentrated liquid absorbent designed for tough cleaning jobs. Bio-Blue 252 is a power packed to make light work of cleaning greasy film, grime, heal marks, crayon, finger marks, ink and pencil marks, exhaust stains, road films and oil stains from a variety of surfaces such as walls, woodwork, cabinets, stainless steel kitchen surfaces, aluminum, cement shop floors, industrial and heavy construction equipment.

Due to its low foaming characteristics, Bio-Blue 252 is ideally suited for use in automatic scrubbers and pressure washers, Bio-Blue 252 is great for cleaning and degreasing marble, terrazzo, quarry stone, concrete, vinyl, asphalt and most metal surfaces.

Bio-Blue 252 works fast, really powers through grease and grime, leaves no residue, is environmentally friendly and ground water safe, non-flammable and is approved for use in U.S.D.A. facilities.

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