60 Below





60 Below™ liquid snow and ice melt is an environmentally friendly blend of chemicals designed to quickly melt snow and ice.  When used as directed, 60 Below will also inhibit build-up of snow, ice, frost and freezing rain on treated surfaces.  60 Below is ready to use even in the coldest temperatures (down to minus 60 degrees F).  60 Below contains special inhibitors and wetting agents that allow it to spread more evenly over all surfaces, thus producing better melting and de-icing action with fewer run-offs.  60 Below is non-corrosive to metals and safe for pets and humans.  It will not craze or soften most plastics, painted surfaces, tires, or shoes. “Spray on ice and snow and watch it go”!


DIRECTIONS:  Generously spray directly on snow and ice.  Depending on the depth of the snow or ice, more than one application may be required because 60 Below will become diluted with melting.  60 Below can be used before, during, after snowstorms.


Areas of Use:                                 Features and Benefits:

Walk Ways and Steps                 Ready to Use (Simply Spray)

Driveways and Decks                  No Mixing or Diluting

Construction Sites                       No Bags to Carry

Hard to Reach Areas                   Effective to –60 Degrees F

Mechanical Equipment              Lasts for Hours/Leaves no Residue

Roofs and Gutters                       Will Not Crack Concrete

Airplanes                                      Will Not Stain Carpets or Floors

Automobiles and Trucks           Will Not Burn Grass, Trees, Shrubs

Parking Lots                                No Harmful Rock Salt

Outdoors Equipment                Will Not Track in Building

Windows and Doors                 Covers 1000’s of Sq. Ft per Gallon


60 Below is conveniently packaged in one-quart (32 fluid ounce) hand pump spray bottles and one-gallon refill bottles.

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