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We invite you to check out our wide variety of innovative environmentally friendly products for home and industry. We have developed products that are not only safe for humans and the environment but really work a lot better than other products currently being used, and they will save you money!


Our mission is to develop and market superior environmentally friendly products that provide cost effective solutions for industrial maintenance, home maintenance, and personal care applications to markets around the globe.


Austin Davis Industries, Inc. has been supplying high performance products to numerous industries around the world since it’s founding in 1991. From the beginning, the company has been dedicated to continuously develop new innovative products that are kind to humans and the environment. We have uniquely combined ingredients that are found in nature to produce safe alternatives to the harmful products currently being used. We have listened to our customers and responded to their needs through a dedication to new product development and customer partnerships. We are continuing our tradition of research and development and responsiveness to the needs of the marketplace. Our customers can rely on our high quality and cost-effective solutions to their various maintenance needs from purging compounds, surface cleaners, floor cleaners, deodorizers, disinfectants, sanitizers, hand cleaners and conditioners, to waste digesters and drain cleaners. ADI has developed a liquid fruit and vegetable cleaner/sanitizer and a waterless hand cleaner/conditioner derived from natural soy, citrus and corn oil, to name two examples of recent developments. We urge you to continue to visit our web site to find some of the exciting new products that we are planning to offer soon.

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